- Hard-Core DX .com with his nice antennas section and many other topics.

- Mika Mäkeläinen, a very complete website with a lot of useful information.

- from Canada is another complete DXing website including some “ultralight” radio reviews.


- with impressive dxpeditions reports and receivers reviews. They also focus on food and gastronomy all served during those DXpeditions!

- BAMlog, by Bruce Conti. A collection of links, useful antenna notes and BCB loggings.

- JB's DX info with Jürgen Bartels. Trans-Atlantic  BCB loggings with many recordings, a collection of valuable technical  info. See also StationList, a very good and complete freeware to be used with the Perseus and WinRadio. His site includes also FM and TV DX loggings and related useful info.

- Mark Connelly excellent website with technical notes and useful links. Don't miss his other page focused on BCB  DXing with recordings, more links and articles.

- From Russia, Dmitry Mezin DX site with a nice collection of audio files.

- PlayDX. Dario Monferini website with a LOT of text, photos, loggings plus traveling notes. This guy is amazing  visiting radio stations in various countries, collecting stations stickers and pennants while making extensive reports about his various tours.  In  English and Italian.

- by Ydun M.Ritz. A Danish DXer with a collection of BCB news and personal loggings. Another interesting personal website.

- Günter Lorenz webpage oriented on carrier monitoring. There you find his famous mwoffset list and the huge MWList.

- Ken Baird from Scotland "DXing in Ayrshire". Another well experimented mediumwave DXer plus TV and FM DX.  Don't miss his pages about the Perseus SDR.

- Untitled Russian site with a huge collection of interval signal and station tunes from Russia and around the world.

- DX loggings in Sapporo by Hidetoshi Takashima. A collection of MW-FM and TV DX loggings from Japan including many sound files.

- Marc Borthwick’s nice looking DX website from Scotland with some antenna tips.

- From Iceland, TF4M huge website with tons of great pictures from his spectacular antenna farm and aurora borealis among many others. This is truly any DXer dream for both real estate and RF environment quietness.



- Artic DX by Bjarne Mjelde, the well known Norwegian DXer. Logs, DX sound files, traditional receivers and SDR  reviews.

- Giampiero Bernardini blog from Italy. A nice collection of MW logs on his famous Bocca di Magra DX nights.

- My QSLs. A huge and impressive list of QSL by Gert Nilsson.

- Cape DX by Gary Deacon. MW DX and DXpeditions from South Africa with sound files as well.

- PUDXK from Finland. DXpeditions logs and comments.

- DX paradise from Arnstein Bue. A Kongsfjord DXpeditions regular participant. MW logs with verifications and comments

- Arild Skalmeraas DX blog. DXpeditions, logs and comments from Norway.

- TJ's DX place, another Norwegian blog on MW by Tore Johnny Bratveit. A nice looking site with audio files, logs  and comments.


- Herman Boel EMWG, an excellent and well maintained website with Europe, Africa  and Middle-East up-to-date LW-MW frequencies. Don't forget to have a look on others articles about mediumwave  and European MW history.

- MWLIST is another great list including links to Google Maps satellite view to many transmitting site. This website is also very well maintained and updated. The visual logbook is a free and very interesting tool you’ll find there. It also includes the MWOffset list.

- EBI shortwave frequency list. Another fine up-to-date online list.

- Pacific-Asian Log (PAL) search engine by Bruce Portzer. A great tool for Asian-Pacific LW-MW and SW DX.

- Alan Davies great “Asiawaves” featuring Asian LW-MW frequency list.

- Canadian Communications Foundation about Canadian radio history. Very well documented website.

- Barry McLarnon's excellent Canada-US MW stations search engine. See also his North American

  IBOC station list.

- Interval Signals Online with a huge audio collection of Interval signals from around the world.

- WRTH on line for updates. To buy your yearly copy, I suggest you Amazon where you get a really good price.

- Space weather from the US National Weather Service .

- Radio Locator, a search engine for NA radio stations.

- International Telecommunications Union (ITU) website. Management and organization of worldwide broadcast spectrum.


- W8JI website. A lot of valuable technical info about 160m amateur radio. See the antenna section under receiving  and you should get relevant info that fits with mediumwave.

- Nice article in French about Beverage antenna theory by André Ducros F5AD.


- US National Radio Club dedicated to mediumwave with articles and sound files.

- Boston Area DXers (BADX) with technical articles, loggings and reports from US East coast DXpeditions.

- UK's Medium Wave Circle with very nice content and technical articles

- Longwave Club of America with many articles about longwave ham radio and VLF behaviour. Quite intriguing!


- Ham Radio Deluxe the famous radio control freeware. I have been using with my Icom for control and record MP3 files. That was before having the Perseus.

- Audacity, another freeware that I'm using to edit all my MP3 files.

- Tonne software with radio oriented freeware including great circle map Pizza and station coverage for NA BC map.

- Geoclock, the famous mapping program to follow sun position and parts of the earth  in sunlight/twilight.

- StationList from Jürgen Bartels, a great and complete control software for Perseus and Winradio.


- Thierry Vignaud huge picture collection of radio and television European transmitting facilities. A very impressive and  up-to-date website. In French.

- Bernd Waniewski collection of towers and transmitters from Europe and Middle-East. Bernd is a broadcast engineer and some of his work are included in his collection.

- Loran history relating radio navigation history and updated info about Loran A and C facilities and coverage.

- Panoramio, if you like quality photo and you are a geography enthusiast like I am, there you can travel for free!

- Radio Shack huge collection of online catalogues from 1940. This is certainly an “ has to be seen” website. Highly recommended.