Season 2018-2019
As another (short) DX season is coming to an end, here are some of my preferred DX catches.
No surprise that most of the interesting stuff came at the end of 2018 where Romanians were about to become notorious pests, just to tell you :)  One of my goals was to hear Russia 
on 828 but sadly, it never showed up firmly. And as for 2019, it is giving some kind of a lacklustre performance thus far. Note that logs date and time in UTC are part of the audio clip title.

531 KHz - FAROE ISLANDS - Kringvarp Føroya, Akraberg. At a much reduced power, now listed at 10Kw compared to the 100Kw 
they used to work with not so long ago. Here with rare long-talking segment

540 KHz - HUNGARY - MR1 Kussuth Rádío, Solt. Here with massive signal crushing CBT. **NEW 

549 KHz - UKRAINE - UR1, Mykolaiv. With Ukrainian talk. Thanks to Walt Salmaniew and Vlad Titarev on the RealDX list for ID. **NEW

576 KHz - BULGARIA - Radio Horizont, Vidin. Not so easy to hear even though its carrier is spotted regularly. 
This is partly due to strong adjacent domestics (CFRA to name one) combined apparently to a low modulation

603 KHz - ROMANIA - Radio Romania Actualitati, Various. Here with delayed synchros

648 KHz - SLOVENIA - Radio Murski Val, Murska Sobota. There at a surprising strenght for a listed 10Kw. **NEW

657 KHz - ITALY - RAI Radio 1, Pisa. Here airing a Radio Theatre

702 KHz - IRAN - IRIB World Service in Russian, Klashahr. Thanks to Mike Shcherbakov at RealDX for sorting this one out

711 KHz - IRAN - Sedaye Khuzestan, Ahwaz with Persian talk

756 KHz - ROMANIA - Radio Romania Actualitati, Lugo. Here with Radio Theatre. **NEW

837 KHz - IRAN - IRIB Radio Esfahan. Esfahan. Persian talk over soft music

864 KHz - EGYPT - ERTU, Al Quran Al-Karim, Santah. Sorting that one myself (tnx to WRTH 2018) with pips and (fast) ID “Idha'atu-l-Koran al-Karim min al-Qahira” at sec 11

936 KHz - SYRIA - Radio Damascus, Homs. There with news commentary from a Lebanese newspaper. Tnx to Tarek Zeidan for this info and ID

954 KHz - CZECH REPUBLIC - CRo Dvojka, Dobrochov. ID right at sec 2:

954 KHz - TURKEY - TRT1 Radyo Bir, Antalya at a nice strength, here with Turkish talk. **NEW

963 KHz - CYPRUS - RIK1 Proto Radio, Nicosia. Thanks Jari Savoleinen and Franck Baste at RealDX for ID. **NEW

963 KHz - IRAN - IRIB Radio Birjand, Birjand with Persian talk (-17Hz)

999 KHz - MOLDOVA - TWR Relay, Grigoriopol. TWR Interval Signal followed by Romanian programming

1008 KHz - NETHERLANDS - GrootNieuwsradio, Zeewolde. Ads and ID here  shortly before their definitive closure on 12/31

1026 KHz - IRAN - Radio Tabriz, Azarshahr with IRIB IDs

1035 KHz - ESTONIA - TWR Relay, Tartu. Here in a peak with Russian Pop

1098 KHz - CHINA - CNR11, Goldmud with a top-of-the hour announcement and pips

1098 KHz - SLOVAKIA - SRo3 Rádio Devin, Nitra (-17Hz). This listed 25Kw here delivering audio on a rare occasion. Thanks to Jozsy on the RealDX list for ID. **NEW

1116 KHz - HUNGARY - Dankó Rádió likely from the Miscolk tx (15 Kw) with IDs. **NEW

1134 KHz - KUWAIT - Radio Kuwait, Kabd. Main Arabic Program on 1134 KHz with pips, news theme then into the news. Tnx to Tarek Zeidan for ID

1170 KHz - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Sawt Al-Joumhouria, Al Dhabbaya. There with ID right at the start “Idha Sawt Al-Joumhouria”

1179 KHz - ROMANIA - Radio Romania Actualitati, Bacau. The steadiest Romanian along with 1152 showing muscle here

1197 KHz - IRAN - IRIB Radio Iran, Moghan. Persian talk (listed at 50 Kw)

1314 KHZ- IRAN - Radio Iran, Ardabil with man in Persian over smootish music (listed at 50Kw). **NEW

1368 KHz - UNITED KINGDOM - Manx Radio, Isle of Man. From a not-so-easy-to-hear variety at my place there with ads and a sung ID "Manx Radio - Weather"

1377 KHz - ARMENIA - TWR Relay, Gavar. Folk music followed by TWR Interval Signal

1386 KHz - LITHUANIA - RFE Radio Svoboda, Viesintos. A season regular and here with R.Svoboda IDs

1413 KHz - MOLDOVA - Vesti FM (Relay), Grigoriopol. Vesti FM ID with news in Russian

1413 KHz - OMAN - BBC World Service, A'Seela. There with English talk with BBC mentions

1503 KHz - EGYPT - ERTU, Al Quran Al-Karim, El Arish. At sec 26 goes the ID “Idha'atu-l-Koran al-Karim min al-Qahira”. Tnx Mauno Ritola at RealDX for pointing this out. **NEW

1521 KHz - CHINA - CRI, Urumqi at a good level, here with Russian talk

1575 KHz - ITALY - RAI Radio Uno, Pisa with ID and news items

Sylvain Naud
Portneuf, QC
Perseus + Jaguar Pro software
450m / 1450ft Beverage @ 35 degrees towards Eastern Europe
290m / 950ft Beverage @ 55 degrees towards Europe
275m / 900ft Beverage @ 90 degrees towards Africa
60m / 200ft Long Wire used for phasing purpose
MFJ-1026 phaser with M.Connelly's LF mods