BTW for those who worry about the complete lack of 2019 logs, well in my humble opinion, it is a combination of lacklustre FM ESkip propagation and bad luck for not being DXing at the right time, thus as you can notice, I have nothing at all to report for the entire 2019 season.

On the other hand, I’m having more success so far this 2020 season (end of July) compared to the previous season. Actually, besides my full time job, I’ve managed to be witness of two major events.  The dynamic maps bellow were created using Google My Maps (a Google account is needed) and originally powered by FMLIST.


A one minute E-Skip 10 MHz bandwidth spectrum capture during a peak of the Florida opening

The beside clip features Florida’s WFEZ 93.1, WGYL 93.7, WHYI 100.7, WKIS 99.9, WKTS 104.1, WLDI 95.5, WWKA 92.3, WWRM 94.9, WYUU 92.5 and WRTO 98.3

From the Carolinas’ opening, Just very few worthy recordings in this clip to your left,  there featuring WMYB 92.1 and WQSL 92.3

As described above, I’ve been witness of two major events so far this season. The first was modest I’d say, with stations mainly from the Carolines and Virginia.

In contrast, the second event on father’s day has been quite buzzing, this time with a large number of stations from Florida. Nothing from the Keys however, nor from the Caribbean. WUAL has been quite steady, here at your left with RDS info locked in.

Additionally, a more detailed spreadsheet version of my 2020 FM ES logs is available here (.xls) where you can find the up-to-date FM ES log list for this ongoing season. This was also powered by FMLIST

The above dynamic map is showing the area of the Carolinas’ opening with most stations coming from NC and SC, along with a couple from VA and GA

The above dynamic map is showing Father’s day massive Florida’s opening with a couple of AL, MS and GA along the way, all heard earlier that same day

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