This page need to be updated (note from Nov 2022)

There you can see my complete setup from the receiving antennas down to the headset. Splitters are homebrew and all coax switches are CATV type. I'm  using RG6 cable from top to bottom. All wire antennas and K9AY loop except the T2FD are made from electric fence galvanized wire. The T2FD is made from twisted 14 awg non-isolated copper wire.  This is my complete DX setup. During the Summer due to thunderstorm  threat, I keep in rest the remote switcher at home while I'm using only two Beverages with CATV switches. The drawing doesn't include the two control cables used for both Beverages remote switcher and K9AY control box. You should find a detailed description of each one of these equipments within this website.