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FMDX - LOGS 2023

I have to admit that 2023 didn’t deliver that much. Actually, as far as I’m concerned, I can speak about two events, mainly from Florida and the Mid-South. I also observed  that there hasn’t been much enthusiasm among the FMDX online communities either.

The dynamic map bellow was created with Google My Maps using a core file powered by Logs were also generated by The WTFDA online database was as always, extremely useful.

See my detailed 2023 Master Logs’ spreadsheet HERE

Again, knocking at the door of Louisiana but no success this time either. Note that a few Tropo logs were added to the count.

The above medley from July 8th is featuring WPBB 98.7 Holmes Beach FL - WCFB 94.5 Daytona Beach FL - WWRM 94.9 Tampa FL - WXTB 97.9  Clearwater FL - WXUS 102.3 Dunnellon FL. Bellow, some RDS captures from that same event.

The above medley from July 30th is featuring WOKK 97.1 Meridian MS - WNMQ 103.1 Colombus MS - WKZB 97.9 MHz, Newton MS. Bellow, a few RDS captures from this other event.

Page created in Nov 2023

WJCT 89.9, Jacksonville FL

WOKV 104.5, Jacksonville FL

WPBB 98.7, Holmes Beach FL

WSOS 94.1, Fruit Cove FL

WOKK 97.1, Meridian MS

WLQK 95.9, Livingston TN