FMDX - LOGS 2017-2018

Here let me present you my first serious E-Skip lone event, back on 06-13-2017. Here are my logs. Note that I might have been able to hear much more stations if it hasn’t been for my lack of experience with the SDRPlay. Actually, I had an issue concerning the size of the recorded files and that’s the reason I ended with a good number of short wav files at low bandwidth (4 Mhz)  to review, which can explains in part the small number of stations logged. This, added to a mix of other-things-to-do, chance and lack of good propagation.

…anyhow, staying true to my habits, I do have some audio from that day to share bellow.


Above, some FM ES logs from 2018 compiled after a tiresome (but exiting) SDR files’ review of three distinctive ES events. According to the logs number, you will easily guess that radio isn’t my top priority during Summertime but nevertheless, it’s always a renewed thrill when being witness of such an event.

 This dynamic map was created using Google My Maps (a Google account is needed) and originally powered by FMLIST. Additionally, a more detailed spreadsheet version of my 2018 FM ES logs is available HERE, also powered by FMLIST.

One after another are WJXR 92.1 (FL), WWKA 92.3 (FL), WYUU 92.5 (FL), WBNK 92.7 (NC), WLRQ 99.3 (FL), WSOL 101,5 (GA), WAVF 101.7 (SC) and WIRK 103.1 (FL). All heard between 21:21 and 22:16 EDT.

There beside, WBAM Montgomery AL giving a hard time on 98.9 to my almost local, CHIK-FM in Quebec City (21:36 EDT).

The clip beside features WDJR 96.9 (AL), WMAH 90.3 (MS), WLVH 101.1 (SC), WJIZ 96.3 (GA) and KCMQ 96.7 (MO).

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