All  the following MP3 files are labelled with station details, UTC time and date of recording. Please make sure that your player is set to show this information.

CHINA, on 1521 KHZ with CRI-Radio Kitaya in Russian. Full ID given with CRI web address. The DX gods were with me! Just by chance, I was tuning 1521 normally invaded by Saudi Arabia but the 35° beverage really bumped BSKSA leaving CRI alone. That was a pure transmitter dawn enhancement effect with short but good peaks - Here it is again after a long wait in late 2012 - Thanks to some DX Alerts coming from many Dxers of the Northeast NA, it could be heard again here with a good signal in Nov 2017. NEW.

CHINA, on 1098 KHz with CNR likely from the high powered transmitter in Golmud. This one caught me by surprise at my sunset - Here's the ToH annoucement with time pips heard  minutes before at weaker strength. Thanks to Bruce Portzer, Chuck Hutton and Nigel Pimblett at RealDX for the ID - A year after (Jan 2012), it came back. The following clip is divided in 2 parts when the signal strength was at its best on the Perseus file - Probably my best shot here from Nov 2017, alongside 1521. NEW.


CHINA, on 1143 KHz with multiple offset carriers. The capture bellow is from November 9th 2010 around 11:30 UTC. Signals were too weak for some readable audio. The Perseus was hearing the 35° Beverage.

INDIA, All India Radio on 1071 KHz with their new 800 Kw transmitter located in Rajkot in the Northwest of the country. I have been waiting for this one. I finally heard it for the first time in January 2013. Signal popped in great thanks to some transmitter dawn enhancement. A pity that the program aired has a muffled sound - Here’s another shot this time at the end of October of the same year. Thanks to Alokesh Gupta at RealDX for the confirmation.

JAPAN, 747 KHz  JOIB NHK2 Sapporo. I was lucky to get something at my first attempt. Fortunately, I've got a parallel with Akita 774 KHz where I could barely distinguish the same musical segment. Signal was caught around 10:30 UTC on October 27th of 2008 with the 35° terminated beverage. Thanks to Bruce Portzer and Brent Taylor on the MWDX YG for IDing woman's Japanese language at the end of the clip. Also, please have a look at the waterfall display on the Perseus while the music was playing. Compare the 747 carrier with others nearby including that horrible IBOC sideband at the right of the screen.

JAPAN, (probable) 693 KHz  JOAB NHK2, Tokyo with a weak male voice in Japanese. Thanks to Tatu Shinzo for having a listen to my clip. He wrote me that it sounds like Japanese pronunciation but is unable to catch a word.