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FMDX - LOGS 2021

To say the least, 2021 has been exciting for FMDX, Sporadic E wise. Actually, the best I could experience so far. Despite my limited time for DX, I’ve been witness of at least five events. It took me hours afterwards to review all those SDR captures but it has been rewarding. Tons from the Mid-South / South-East US states. But unfortunately in the within-reach variety, I still miss Louisiana and the Florida Keys.

Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee were all new to me. See the 2021 master logs’ spreadsheet HERE (.xlsx)

Bellow shows five different events. Some of the stations logged have been heard on more than one event (but not re-logged). The dynamic maps were created with Google My Maps using a core file powered by Logs were also generated by The WTFDA online database was as always, extremely useful.

The next clip is featuring:


WJXA 92.9 Nashville TN

WRTT-FM 95.1 Huntsville AL

WFIX 91.3 Florence AL

KHKN 94.9 Maumelle AR

That was the first time I experienced an opening to the Mid-South, adding along the way AR, KY, OH and TN as new US states logged !

I probably just came late on this interesting opening, mainly targeting Florida with two logs from Miami notably. See also that lost sheep in Michigan ? This is WOLW 91.1, Cadillac !  

Another interesting opening to US Mid-South area. Coming close but not enough for Louisiana

The above audio features:

WDJC 93.7 Birmingham AL

WAHR 99.1 Huntsville AL

WAKY-FM 103.5 Radcliff KY

WRBO 103.5 Como MS

WHOP-FM 98.7 Hopkinsville KY

WFGS 103.7 Murray, KY

WVLC 99.9 Mannsville KY

WSIX 97.9 Nashville TN

Yet, another Mid-South tendency adding in the process more new logs to this season total count

The above audio features:

WJIZ 96.3 Albany, GA

WMXS 103.3 Montgomery AL

WTUG-FM 92.9 Northport AL

WRYD 97.7 Jemison AL

WOKK 97.1 Meridian, MS

In term of distance, that was certainly the best opening I had this season, especially thanks to those 40 stations logged from The Sunshine state

RDS data capture of WSMR 89.1, Sarasota FL. Its signal strength was quite constant

The above audio features:

WXRR 104.5 Hattiesburg MS

WFEZ 93.1 Miami FL

WALR-FM 104.1 Palmetto GA

WERC-FM 105.5 Hoover AL

WPOZ 88.3 Orlando FL

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